Monday, August 17, 2015

Apple Releases Update To Deal With Mac OS X Hole

Like what I have been saying before, albeit I have never written a post about it, the Mac OS will have to deal with bugs that allow hackers to get into its system in the future. Similar to Microsoft, it was necessary for Apple to release an update to plug a hole in its system or else access will be given to hackers to the entire OS.

The Mac OS X 10.10.5 update was released near the middle of last week to deal with a number of glitches and holes in the system. On particular hole was considered a rather serious threat to Mac users since it would allow hackers to control programs on a Mac from a remote location. Since hackers will have administrator rights, they can access just about everything in the operating system. A report from The Guardian revealed that the vulnerability was already exploited by an adware installer. 
Apple Releases Update To Deal With Mac OS X Hole

Mac OS X Yosemite
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Yes, the Mac OS has been viewed as a more secure OS compared to Windows, but nothing ever lasts forever. Apple had to deal with a number of bugs in the past and none of them was comparable to what was discovered recently by Stefan Esser, a security researcher.  In a recent tweet, Esser revealed that the 10.10.5 update may have fixed a number of bugs in the system it also created another problem that is considered “worse than before. “ However, Esser did not give any indications as to what was made worse than before. SecurityWeek, a security news site, said Esser warned Mac users from installing the SUIDGuard kernel extension that prevents attacks that use the hole in the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE environment variable of the Mac OS X.

The main difference between Apple and Microsoft is that the latter regularly releases updates through the Patch Tuesday program where patches are released each month. The latest update of Apple deals with over a hundred bugs affecting the Mac OS X kernel, QuickTime, Bluetooth and the Notification Center of Mac, among others.

The details of the latest update indicate that vulnerability will allow local users to execute “arbitrary code with system privileges." A “path validation issue” was the main cause of the issue in the DYLD and the issue was dealt with through an enhanced sanitization of the environment, Apple revealed. No other statements were released by Apple in connection to its latest update.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nokia Lumia 930 Given An Elegant-Looking Gold Trim

Gold Nokia Lumia 930
Gold Nokia Lumia 930
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The Nokia Lumia 930 is considered as the best Windows 8.1 smartphone in the market. Its esteemed status does not appear to be enough for some people as the finest Windows phone was given a trendy new look. The smartphone was given a gold hue that enhanced its appearance, making it all the more appealing to the fastidious tastes of some smartphone fans.

The new look Nokia Lumia 930 can be purchased unlocked and is available through a number of mobile service providers in the Asia Pacific, African, the Middle Eastern, and European markets. The only difference between this particular model with the silver and white model is its color. It features a gold trim that provides it an elegantly refined appearance.

The impressive-looking screen display and fast camera are the main reasons why the Nokia Lumia 930 is considered as the best Windows 8.1 smartphone available in the market. The price tag is determined by the mobile service provider and the country where it is purchased. However, potential buyers can also purchase a SIM-free model from Nokia at around £440 in the United Kingdom or around $600 in the US.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Previews Of Smartphones Using Lollipop Android 5.0 OS Emerge

Lollipop Android 5.0 On LG
Lollipop Android 5.0 On LG
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It appears that smartphone manufacturers are preparing for the Lollipop Android 5.0 OS updates, as indicated on a recent report from In fact, these manufacturers have posted videos of their progress in their preparations for the release of the latest version of the mobile OS from Google.

The updates provide owners of LG, Motorola and Sony smartphones an idea of how their devices will appear once the update is installed into their devices. When smartphone manufacturers share updates such as these, it normally indicates that the latest version of the Android OS may be released into the handset soon.

It can be recalled that Google provided developers the opportunity to check out the Lollipop Android 5.0 OS before it was scheduled to be released into the market. Due to this, the release process of the latest Android version will be faster since manufacturers were able to fine-tune the software to make it compatible to their devices. It also allowed them to make modifications on the interfaces and applications to ensure compatibility.

Motorola is expected to release the Lollipop soon since the company remains close to Google, which was its former parent company. It also has an Android interface that is close to the stock version of the OS. This is the reason why a leak emerged showing the Moto X using the Lollipop OS. Although most of it looked like the stock version, the camera interface was different from the Google version.

Sony is currently evaluating the latest version of the developer build of the OS as indicated on a video posted by the company on the YouTube page for the Sony Xperia.

The Android build tested by Sony was designed mainly for developers, who can obtain it from Sony.

On the other hand, a number of screenshots showing the G3 using the Lollipop emerged recently. Similar to the TouchWiz of Samsung, the custom interface of LG has its own navigation icons and apps drawer button. It does not use the home, back and multi-tasking button of Lollipop.

Reports have indicated that the LG G3 and other smartphones may receive the Lollipop Android 5.0 OS early next year.

Monday, May 5, 2014

HTC One Mini 2 Image Leaked

HTC One Mini 2 Image Leaked
HTC One Mini 2
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It appears that evleaks is at it again and this time the subject of the leak is the reported HTC One Mini 2. The serial tech leaker recently leaked an image of the phone. The leaked image showed that it will come in three different colors, grey, silver and grey. These are the same colors used on the bigger-sized M8.

The leaked image also indicated that the upcoming device will not feature the dual camera technology used on the M8. The image also appears to confirm earlier reports that the smartphone will use a 13MP camera instead of the 4MP Ultrapixel camera used for its bigger brother.

The image gives an indication that the upcoming device will feature a single camera, which is one of the sacrifices of having a smaller size. Using a different camera is also practical since a secondary camera is used to complement the Ultrapixel camera for additional depth information.

The design of the HTC One Mini 2 will also be similar to the full-sized model of the smartphone, which features a wraparound metallic body and switch to onscreen buttons. Evleaks also tweeted earlier that the smartphone will feature a 4.5-inch screen display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 5MP camera in front and microSD memory card slot.

Earlier reports also gave indications that the upcoming smartphone will utilize the KitKat Android 4.4 mobile operating system.

For the moment, the release date and price tag of the supposed HTC One Mini 2 remains uncertain, although industry watchers are expecting the company to make the announcement soon enough.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Peek At the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5
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With the cat already out of the bag, it appears that everyone is scrambling for the opportunity to include the Samsung Galaxy S5 in its device lineup. The two Sprint prepaid brands recently announced that it intends to offer the device by the second quarter of the year.

Normally, prepaid brands will get a shot at offering flagship devices some time after the major mobile network providers offer them into the market. However, the recent announcement gives an indication that the latest device offering of Samsung may not follow this trend.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to become available in the market by April 11 in numerous countries around the world. Among the first US-based carriers to offer the latest product offering of the South Korean manufacturer are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. It will also be offered through US Cellular and MetroPCS. A number of retail stores will also offer the device, including Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco and RadioShack.

The lightweight, all-plastic device is expected to have a price tag of around $200 when it comes with the typical two-year mobile service contract. On the other hand, an unlocked version of the device may have a price tag ranging from $600 up to $700.

One of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner, which is one of the methods to secure the device. The scanner can also be used in paying for services purchased through PayPal. A total of three fingerprints can be stored on the device.

Another nifty feature that has apparently taken into consideration the trend towards healthy living is the heart rate monitor. It joins a number of products that are relying on the increasing interest on a healthy lifestyle. This will make the device an appealing choice for fitness buffs looking for a good smartphone to purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also dust and water resistant. The release of the Samsung S4 Active allowed the South Korean manufacturer to evaluate if it can offer such a device into the market. However, it should be noted that water-resistant does not mean that the device can be used while going out for a swim. The military spec IP67 indicates that the device can be submerged at a depth of three feet for a maximum of thirty minutes. But it is necessary to ensure that all the ports of the device are sealed.

Another notable feature that caught my attention is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the company, the camera can focus automatically within 0.3 seconds. Although this is a notable feature, it remains to be seen if the device can perform up to the standard set by the company.

Samsung has also reduced the bloatware that normally came with a number of smartphones in the past. One of the applications that will not come preinstalled into the device is the Samsung Hub. However, fans of the Hub may not fret since they can still download the numerous apps they may want to use on the device.

One thing that has plagued numerous smartphones in the past is battery life. Samsung revealed the Ultra Power Saving Mode of the device will allow it to continue running for 24 hours even when battery life has gone down to 10 percent. The software feature limits the processor, changes the display to grayscale, turns off Wi-Fi and shuts down GPS. If the feature works, it may be one device that people may want to consider acquiring.

For the moment, it remains to be seen how the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung will fare against its rivals. Until a head-to-head comparison is made with the latest devices available in the market, the jury is still out on the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Acer Iconia A3 Unveiled In Berlin

Acer Iconia A3
Acer Iconia A3
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As the IFA 2013 event in Berlin kicks off this week, Acer unveiled its latest ten-inch Android-powered tablet, the Acer Iconia A3.  The latest tablet offering of the company will feature a 1280 by 800 display screen along with Dolby Digital Plus speakers that enhance sound and music for a better movie-viewing experience.

The device also features a 1.2GHz quad-core A7 Cortex processor and micro HDMI port that facilitates connection to an external display.  The Acer Iconia A3 also comes with a microSD memory card reader and five-megapixel camera that is capable of simultaneously record videos and take photos.

It runs on the Android 4.2 OS and will be promoted as an entertainment tablet by the company.  The Intellspin feature will reportedly allows the tablet to know how it is being used even when it is on a flat surface. The device will have two storage options, a 16GB and a32GB model. The

The Wi-Fi version of the Acer Iconia A3 is set to be released in Europe, Africa and the Middle East by October. On the other hand, the 3G version will enter the market by November. The price tags of the Wi-Fi and 3G models are $330 and $395, respectively.

The release schedule and price tag of the device in the US market has yet to be announced by the company.

Even as more devices are expected to be launched during the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, the Acer beat everybody to the punch with the introduction of the Acer Iconia A3.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Google Nexus 5 Reports Continue To Emerge

Google Nexus 5 Reports Continue To Emerge
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Although executives of LG have indicated that the company will not release the Google Nexus 5 into the market, recent reports have hinted at the possibility that the company will manufacture the latest reference design of the Android smartphone.

Following the upcoming release of the Moto X, reports have started to emerge on the possible release of the latest smartphone from Google. The latest reports have emerged in Vietnam, which is the location of one of the biggest factory of Samsung. Tinh te bloggers were also cited as sources of these reports. These bloggers have indicated that the latest design of the Google Nexus 5 is similar to the recently-launched G2.

The upcoming Google smartphone will reportedly feature a 5.2-inch display screen and the Snapdragon 800 processor. It will also have a slim design.

It can be recalled that an executive of LG revealed that there were no plans in producing the next Nexus smartphone. However, it was clarified that the company was not working on the device for the moment. The company also indicated that it was open to the idea of producing the next Nexus smartphone.

Some analysts are even speculating on a Google Play version of the LG G2. This may be a viable concept than the Google Nexus 5 if LG is planning to release the device into the market. However, the company has no plans of releasing this device.

The latest report of a Nexus smartphone based on the LG G2 contradicts another report that hinted at the possibility that the upcoming Android reference device will be manufactured by Motorola.

Although it remains uncertain which company will manufacture the next Android device, industry watchers are expecting the details of the Google Nexus 5 to be released once the Android 5.0 OS is finally introduced by the internet search giant.