Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mobile Video Calling Anyone?

Saygus, a small telecommunications firm based in Utah, is marketing the world’s first mobile video calling device. Dubbed as the VPhone, it won the Best in Innovations award in the wireless handsets category during the 2010 Design and Engineering Awards early last month.

The VPhone will be the first mobile calling device to be certified through Verizon’s Open Development Initiative. Its video calling feature allows for calls at 24 to 30 frames per second and it can also serve as a wireless entry point for up to eight devices. Aside from the front forward camera, it also has another 5 MP main camera with flash, FM radio and runs the Android 1.6 (although some people think it should go for the Android 2.0).

This is definitely a nice phone to have if you want to go out on a nice day at the fairway while holding your meeting with the board of your company. Initially the this mobile video calling device will be available only through Saygus.


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