Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympus Superzoom Digital Camera

Early this month, the latest Olympus superzoom digital camera was unveiled in Hamburg. The Olympus SP-800 UZ takes the DSLR-like or bridge cameras to the next level. According to
Bridge cameras are cameras which fill the niche between the single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) and the Point-and-shoot camera. They are often comparable in size and weight to the smallest DSLRs, but almost all digital bridge cameras lack an optical viewfinder system (film bridges generally had a lighter version of a reflex finder).
In other words, these are the cameras that basically have the same function as DSLRs but at a much cheaper price as well as without the bulkiness. I have been quite fascinated by bridge cameras ever since I got my trusty old Olympus C-760 compact a couple of years ago. This latest Olympus superzoom digital camera will combined the power of the DSLR without its bulkiness and its need for additional lenses. The newest Olympus bridge camera is a 14 megapixel monster that has a 30x 'ultra-telephoto' lens or is equivalent to an 800 mm lens. With this amount of lens power, you can probably take a picture of a fly a couple of hundred meters away.

It also has a 2GB internal memory as well as the capability to shoot HD movies. Its built in Dual Image Stabilisation technology allows you to take pictures with a certain amount of guaranteed clarity. You will be able to capture the action with its high speed shooting mode of 10 fps.

This bridge camera not only bridges the gap between the DSLRs and the compacts, it also bridges the gap between taking and sharing your pictures. The new Photo Surfing tool will allow you to tag the pictures of the people, places and events that you took. You can also surf through the pictures in high definition by linking the camera with HDMI compatible HDTVs.

The camera also has the following features that you will learn to appreciate once you start using the camera:
  • 3” LCD with 16:9 wide format (230,000 dots)
  • Advanced Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology
  • USB charging
The Olympus superzoom digital camera or Olympus SP-800 UZ is reportedly going to be available next month for a an estimated retail price of £369.99.