Sunday, March 14, 2010

Honda's 3R-C - Concept Trike of the Future

It looks like Honda is looking ahead into the future with its 3R-C concept trike, which is making its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The three-wheeled 3R-C is a battery powered electric vehicle is designed for a zero emission commuting for one person. Its canopy acts as a wind shield when the vehicle is in motion and would cover the driver's seat when it is parked and not being used. As added protection against sideswipes, the sides of the 3R-C are high, providing protection for the driver. The center of gravity of the trike is low, adding to the stability of the vehicle. Looking for some space to store your luggage? Well this innovative concept from Honda gives you something that you cannot get from an ordinary bike - luggage space. The 3R-C has a lockable storage area in the front of the driver allowing space big enough to store a small luggage, so you would not have to worry about driving around the city with your briefcase tucked under your arm. It also provides some protection against inclement weather since it has a flexible cover that protects the upper torso of the driver minimizing exposure to bad weather and improve comfort as well.
This trike of the future was created by designers from Europe in the Research and Design facility of Honda in Milan

source: Honda

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