Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skinput - arm as an interface

Your arm as an interface? How about your hand as a mobile phone? This kind of technology may not be as far off as we think. Microsoft, together with Carnegie Mellon University have developed a system that has the capability of detecting ultra-low frequency sound waves and a projector similar in size to a microchip. Introducing Skinput, a technology that allows the recognition of sound created by tapping different parts of your arm.
According to Chris Harrison:

Skinput a bio-acoustic sensing technology that allows our bodies to be used as a large finger input surface which does not require any electronics to be placed on the skin.

This technology utilizes an armband to sense taps on a person's arm. This allows the user to control devices by simply tapping on one's arms. A pico projector sends an image of the interface on the arm and this technology will have a huge potential in just about any industry. Check out the video below:

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