Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teva Illum Sandals - headlights for your feet

Ever experienced getting stubbed on the toe while trekking in the middle of the night? How about tripping over a branch and kissing the sand on the beach? Well this will not be a problem anymore with the latest footwear coming out this May, the Teva Illum Sandals - headlights for your feet.
This cool looking footwear was the brainchild of a couple of adventurers who have been in these situations a number of times already - a huge number of times. These sandals have a light emitting diode or LED attached to the strap of the sandals allowing you to see where you are going. Although it may seem odd to have lights on your sandals rather than holding one on your hand while walking at night, this would also be a great way for you to easily find your sandals if in case you take it off while having a short dip on the beach in the middle of the night.. The LED can also be detached and clipped into a keychain to be used as a flashlight. This new product from Teva will be available this coming May at $60. This will be a great pair of sandals to have with summer just around the corner, Teva Illum Sandals - headlights for your feet.

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