Monday, April 12, 2010

Luxury Brick Phones

A long time ago the first generation mobile phones available in the market were the brick phones which were huge and bulky. In fact we used to joke about the 'anti-theft' feature of these phones - if you are confronted by a would-be bad guy, you can use these enormously cumbersome analog devices as a small club.Well, that was a long time ago, long before the coming of the current crop of state of the art mobile phones that allow more than just reminding your partner to pick up a couple of items at the grocery on his way home. But recently Prive International together with Stuart Hughes came out with a refurbished brick phone which has seventy-six 23 ct diamonds and has a 22 k gold plating. This retro-looking phone has some of the modern features of the latest mobile phones - WAP, SMS capability, and a color screen. This limited edition device will only be available to ten lucky (not too mention loaded) buyers who will enjoy a one year free membership to Prive International worth $20,000.00.  Price tag for this ten-of-a-kind luxury device: £139,995.00 

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