Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Precursor to Holographic Imaging?

Imagine being able to watch a video clip the way Luke Skywalker watched the plea for help by Princess Leia in Star Wars - Sharp introduced in the past few weeks a 3D display without the need for special glasses, would this be the precursor to holographic imaging?This new device from Sharp offers clear three-dimensional images without using the special glasses that are usually required in regular 3D viewing. However, there's a catch, it only works in 3.4-inch displays and you would need to watch the images at a close distance - around twelve inches or thirty centimeters. Sharp presented displays for mobile devices which have the capability of showing three dimensional images. Aside from these devices, the company also introduced touch sensitive panels that can display three dimensional pictures as well as a small screen which is linked to a three dimensional video camera.
But there's more, Sharp is reportedly developing 10.6-inch three dimensional screens designed for tablets, netbooks as well as book readers. These devices can be equipped with touchscreen capability and you can also do away with the special three-dimensional glasses. The launch date for this newest gadget was not announced yet by the company but with the current trend towards 3D imaging, expect it anytime soon. This would definitely be something to look forward to - a possible precursor to holographic imaging.

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