Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Electric Chase Vehicle - The Scarab

Science fiction gadgets twenty years ago seem to be catching up with reality and Carl Archambeault one of the newest gadgets is an electric chase vehicle - the Scarab - will soon roam the streets to chase the bad guys. The Scarab, which was designed by , is an electric vehicle built for going after motorists who go over the legal speed limit. Well, that would probably be its initial job since it is own personal racetrack.

This zero-emission vehicle will simply wait alongside a police cruiser as the officer monitors the speed of motorists with a radar gun. Once a speeding vehicle is tagged, a signal is sent to the Scarab, which would immediately start the chase. The Scarab will stay with the vehicle until it pulls over and the officer arrives. Although this electric chase vehicle may not have any weapons, with the fast pace of the developments in technology, I wouldn't be surprised if one day an EMP device will be fitted into the vehicle to stop anyone who tries to get one over the authorities. The Scarab is definitely something to look out for sometime in the near future.

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