Friday, July 9, 2010

Water-resistant Power Strip From Wet Circuits

Have you ever experienced a short-circuited power strip simply because you accidentally spilled water on it? Accidents like these can, at the very least, be quite annoying, but it can also lead to a much more serious situation. Well, this may become a thing of the past with the water-resistant power strip from Wet Circuits. The internal wiring of the power strip is protected by a special material preventing any serious injury to the user in case of accidents. Handling the power strip with damp or wet hands will not pose any problems at all. In fact, it can even be submerged under water for about two hours, although it is not advisable to do this.
The patented design of the device can efficiently prevent electric shocks from a water spill or submersion, accidental contact, and inserting metal objects. It also prevents fire due to overheating of the internal wiring or carbon accumulation.

The product is ideal for the following situations: accidental water spillage, intermittent rain, moist hands, and temporary flooding (as long as it does not stay submerged for more than two hours). The Wet Circuits product also helps avoid accidental electric shocks due to the insertion of metal objects into the power strip. Its design guarantees that electricity will flow only if an appropriate plug is utilized.

Fires caused by overheated powers strips account for a big number of fire around the world. The product has a fuse aside from a circuit breaker in order to prevent the accident before it happens.

Ever notice blue sparks coming out when you plug in an appliance into a power strip? Sparks like these can eventually lead to fires if the power strip will overheat. The Wet Circuits product helps avoid this situation. The distinctive material used for the device prevents the accumulation of carbon which will cause the overheating.

A typical power strip can last up to 5,000 instances of plugging and unplugging. The Wet Circuits device can last for around 20,000 plugging and unplugging, which is four times as many as a conventional power strip.

This water-resistant power strip from wet circuits will be an ideal device to have at home or at the office in order to prevent any of these accidents from happening.

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