Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out of the Box Manual

Normally it takes a good amount of effort to go through the manual of the new phone that you recently purchased at the gadget shop. This, however, would not be the same with the out of the box manual designed by Adrian Westaway, Clara Gaggero, and Jaako Tuomivara. The manual features a step-by-step procedure in setting up the phone from the installation of the SIM card all the way through the checking of the individual features of the phone. What makes this manual different is that you go through the manual with the phone itself inside the manual. 

With a hole right in the middle to place the phone in, you get to go through all the features of the phone while reading it like a storybook for kids.

Check out the video below for this out of the box manual design:

Out of the box - book from adrian333 on Vimeo.
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