Monday, January 2, 2012

Potential Features of the Apple iPad 3

It seems that the Apple iPad 3 has been hitting the headlines more often lately. These reports have initially focused on the possible features of this upcoming tablet offering of Apple.

Some reports have speculated on the Retina Display for the iPad 3. Currently the Retina Display is being utilized on the iPhone offerings of the company. With the  Retina Display, the image quality of the iPad 3 will be enhanced although this would also require a dual-bar LED lighting to increase the  brightness of  the LCD panels.

Initially reports have indicated that this will affect the thickness of the device and would compel the company to make the iPad 3 thicker. Should this happen, it will go against the policy of the company in offering slimmer and smaller devices to its users.

However this was reportedly dealt with as reports have indicated that the iPad 3 will be using the indium gallium zinc oxide or the IGZO LCD screen which will effectively enhance the image of the device without requiring the dual-bar LED lighting.

Another possible feature that the iPad 3 will reportedly come with is the A6 quad-core processor which will give the tablet optimum performance. However it remains to be seen if the upcoming iPad will feature this particular processor once it is released into the market.

However among the more notable reports that emerged recently is the possibility that the iPad 3 will not be alone when it will enter the market. Reports have indicated that a smaller and cheaper version of the device in order for Apple to counter the recent gains that the Amazon Kindle Fire was able to achieve in the  tablet market.

These are just some of the reports that emerged in the last few weeks in connection to the upcoming release of iPad 3 of Apple.

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