Monday, January 2, 2012

Reports Hint at February Release of iPad 3

The release date of the Apple iPad 3 remains uncertain at this date although there are already rumblings on a possible launch date of the next generation tablet offering of Apple on the birthday of the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, the main architect behind the success of Apple, passed away on October 5 last year. On February 24, he would have been 57 years old. Some observers consider the possible release of the iPad 3 on this date as a tribute to the man served as an inspiration to gadget enthusiasts around the world.

This reported launch date for the successor of the Apple iPad 2 was based on reports that the supply partners of Apple in Asia are already working on the preparation of the components of the iPad 3. A Citi analyst had also hinted in earlier reports that the iPad 3 will be released into the market sometime in February, which is consistent with the supposed February 24 launch date of the device.

However it should also be noted that the launch dates of the previous version of the device were released around the month of April.

Other reports have also revealed that the iPad 3 may be released sometime in January during a Macworld/iWorld event. However, this was quickly shot down as Apple had announced years ago that it will not participate in the Macworld Expo anymore. Other observers have also noted that the source of the report on the possible January launch of the iPad 3 was a website that has a less-than-admirable record in the accuracy of its reports on Apple products.

Whether or not the iPad 3 will be released on the birthday of the late Steve Jobs remains to be seen although it will definitely be a fitting tribute to the main who made a number of contributions in the tech world.

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