Monday, February 27, 2012

Anyone Looking For A Miniature Gold-Plated Minox Camera?

Gold-Plated Minox Camera (Image Credit:

This is one digital camera no one would want to leave just anywhere, the miniature gold-plated Minox camera. This particular digital camera was given 24K gold plating, which will make it an item that exotic gadget collectors may want to acquire.

The miniature gold-plated Minox camera is small enough to fit the palm of anybody’s palm as it has dimensions of 1.8 inches by 2.9 inches by 1.7 inches. This gold plated digital camera from Minox also weighs around four ounces.

The manufacturer from Germany has indicated that the miniature gold-plated Minox camera is supposedly a modern digital camera. But photography enthusiasts beg to disagree since its features are not quite up to date. The digital camera features a 5.1MP CMOS sensor, two-inch LCD, and an optical viewfinder that is detachable.

The miniature gold-plated Minox camera also offers users the option of using a lens with a wider angle. The lens itself is a 9mm unit or a 42mm in the 35mm format. The device also features a 4x digital zoom.

The video recording capabilities of the miniature gold-plated Minox camera is limited since it only offers users the capability of recording 320 by 240 AVI video clips up to a maximum of sixty seconds. Despite these limitations, the device has a standard mini-USB port along with a lithium ion battery that is replaceable.

The miniature gold-plated Minox camera is reportedly available at a price tag of $299.

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