Thursday, February 23, 2012

Does The Canon PowerShot G1X Offer Value For Money?

Canon PowerShot G1X 

The price tag of the Canon PowerShot G1X along with its bugger-than-usual sensor has allowed the device to distinguish itself from a number of competing digital cameras in the market.

For a number of photography enthusiasts, the Canon PowerShot G1X will be considered as an expensive rival to a number of interchangeable lens or fixed lens cameras in the market. Others will look at it as a reasonably-priced option to the X100 of Fujifilm.

However the limitations on its shooting performance and the lens have reduced the value that the price of the Canon PowerShot G1X has given despite its good image quality and design. The image quality of the camera is also impressive even though its advantage of lower priced intermediate-level digital cameras is not that much.

The impressive noise reduction and JPEG processing of the Canon PowerShot G1X has allowed it to have an advantage over its competition. These features allows the camera to offer exceptionally clean images even as ISO 400 while the images from this level up to ISO 3200 are also considered usable for a number of photography enthusiasts.

Even though the edge sharpness of the lens of the Canon PowerShot G1X is not quite impressive, its center sharpness is quite good. The exposure and the color offered by the camera is also considered sufficient enough.

Focusing and zooming for the lens while shooting is considerably quiet and is comparable to that of the fixed lens digital cameras. However the shot-to-shot speed of the Canon PowerShot G1X is rather slow which has contributed to its poor performance.

The slow power on and shooting of the Canon PowerShot G1X is supposedly due to the poor buffer management of the camera. This has resulted to the lag in focusing for another shot until the buffer is cleared. The continuous shooting speed of the camera is reportedly at 2fps while the shot-to-shot performance while using a flash is at around 2.8 seconds.

In the end, the Canon PowerShot G1X has the capability of taking excellent images although the lag on the lens has taken away the value for money that the device is supposed to provide.

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