Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is the Low Price of the ZTE Light 2 Worth It?

ZTE Light 2

It appears that ZTE is making a big push into the market as the company is reportedly preparing to introduce a ZTE-branded tablet into the UK market. The upcoming ZTE Light 2 is a seven-inch tablet that will use the Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS and will come with a three-megapixel rear-facing camera.

However it appears that its features may be a bit lacking since it only offers a 4GB internal storage, which may not give enough space for the videos, music, and other files that users may want to store into the device. But the ZTE Light 2 does allow users to store additional content through a microSD memory card.

The ZTE Light 2 is slightly heavier than the seven-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab although it may still be light enough for users to carry around.

The unremarkable features of the ZTE Light 2 however reflect its price tag since it is relatively cheap compared to other tablets in the market. The ZTE Light 2 is priced at around £235 or around $370, this is cheaper compared to the iPad 2 which is priced at around £400 or around $630. However it is more costly compared to the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is priced at around £169 or around $265.

The ZTE Light 2 is anticipated to be released near the end of February or early March. However the Gingerbread Android that will come with the device may not add to the appeal of the device.

Despite these not-so-positive factors on the ZTE Light 2, some observers are actually taking the ZTE Light 2 into consideration due to its low price in comparison to a number of tablets in the market. The device will be the first tablet that comes with the ZTE brand to enter the UK market and how it fares in the market will likely set the precedent on the future tablet offerings of the company in the UK.


  1. Does this tablet have a embedded 3g Module?

  2. Hi Prisur,

    Yup, the ZTE Light 2 is already 3G-capable.