Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Latest Additions to the Nokia Asha Series

Nokia Asha 202
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A press conference called by Nokia during the Mobile World Congress saw the unveiling of the latest entries into the Nokia Asha series of the company. The three low-end Symbian-powered devices, the Nokia Asha 202, Nokia Asha 203, and the Nokia Asha 302 were introduced by the company the night prior to the opening of the annual trade event for mobile gadgets.

The Nokia Asha and the Nokia Asha 203 have similar designs due to the 2.4-inch touchscreen displays as well as the alphanumeric keypads. Both of these Nokia Asha series devices utilize the Symbian Series 40 and have a price tag of around $81. Social media services are also built-into these Nokia Asha series devices and they offer a number of color options.

Nokia Asha 203
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Users of the Nokia Asha 202 and the Nokia Asha 203 will be able to download forty EA games within sixty days of the first time a game is downloaded y the user. Among the titles that users of these Nokia Asha series of phones are Tetris and Bejewelled.

The main difference between these Nokia Asha series phones is the dual-SIM capability of the Nokia Asha 202. The SIM can be from two different mobile service providers coming from different countries. Users will be able to send text messages or make calls using either SIM card.

Nokia Asha 302
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The popularity of the Nokia Asha 202 will be low among US mobile service provider since it will be offered as an unlocked device although this Nokia Asha series phone would be suitable for users who travel around the world.

The third device in the recently-unveiled Nokia Asha series of devices is the Nokia Asha 302. The Nokia Asha 302 will feature a 1GHz processor and will support 3.5G networks. Users will have a number of color options to choose from.

This particular phone is aimed at more urban users and will reportedly come with Mail for Exchange, a first for a Series 40 phone. The QWERTY keyboard will facilitate the writing of emails on this Nokia Asha series device, which has a price tag of around $121.

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