Sunday, February 19, 2012

Latest Reports on Supposed iPad 3 of Apple

iPad 3
An iPad using the iOS 5.1 and Siri virtual assistant is reportedly in the works if recent rumors are to be believed. The iPad 3 of Apple is expected to be released by March in a special event that Apple will hold. However some reports have given indications that the Apple may be releasing a new type of tablet PC.

The recent reports are reportedly similar to that of the ones that emerged a year ago. These reports have pointed to an iPad 3 that will utilize the iOS 5.1 and may come with the Siri feature that is currently being used on the iPhone 4S.

Support for Long Term Evolution or LTE is also anticipated for the iPad 3 along with enhanced cameras and the Retina Display which will give the next generation tablet PC a resolution similar to that of the iPhone 4S. Other reports have also indicated that the upcoming iPad 3 will feature the A6 quad-core processor which will enhance the graphics performance of the device and facilitate the use of larger applications.

The possible use of the iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3 is among the latest reports that have emerged about the device along with the possible Siri feature. However no statements were released by Apple in connection to these iPad 3 reports.

It should also be noted that the servers of Apple are currently block third party apps from utilizing the database of Siri following the release of the SetActivationToken which prevented unauthorized use of the files of Siri.

For the moment, the iPhone 4S is the only device that supports the Siri feature although earlier reports have indicated that other devices were made to run the feature by hackers.

Aside from the reports on the release of the iPad 3, reports have also emerged on a possible eight-inch version of the device which may be available in the market in the coming quarter. This device will reportedly come with some features that the iPad 3 will have including LTE support and may compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has surprised a number fo industry watchers following its success in the market.