Thursday, February 9, 2012

Latest Touch Mouse Entry, the Logitech M600

Logitech M600

Logitech recently announced its touch mouse offering as it joins Microsoft and Apple in the market. The Logitech M600 was introduced by the company recently and it will be available within the month.

The recommended retail price of the Logitech M600 will reportedly be $70, which is similar to the price tag of the Touch Mouse of Microsoft and the Magic Mouse of Apple.

However despite the similar pricing, the Logitech M600 will reportedly focus on offering full surface touch sensitivity that is comparable to a smartphone, according to Logitech. This is the first touch mouse offering of Logitech although the entire concept is not at all new.

A physical button is still available on the Logitech M600 which users can click on, which is similar to the devices offered by Microsoft and Apple. The Logitech device will also offer multi-gesture navigation that includes swiping for navigating the web like the device offering of its competitors.

The Logitech M600 appears to be a simple and uncomplicated addition to the mouse lineup of Logitech if the touch input and design are not taken into consideration.

A laser sensor is used on the mouse, which is considered as a part of the Unified peripheral family of Logitech. Due to this the Logitech M600 can be linked to five different devices that have the Unified brand through a USB micro-receiver into a computer.

Setting up the Logitech M600 is simple, once the batteries are in place and the USB wireless adapter is plugged in, the drivers will immediately load and then viola, it’s ready. The SetPoint utility of Logitech can also fine-tune control the features and the settings of the Logitech M600.

The Logitech M600 touch mouse will reportedly have a limited warranty of three-years on the hardware. The device can be pre-ordered already through the website of Logitech and deliveries will start within the month.

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