Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lensbaby Edge 80, Latest Tilting Lens System

Lensbaby Edge 80

A new product was added recently by Lensbaby to the company’s tilting lens system, the Lensbaby Edge 80.

The original optic lens system offered by Lensbaby was considered by enthusiasts to be a complicated yet commendable device which offered a housing that can be tilted where a variety of lenses can be attached.

The Lensbaby Edge 80 is the latest addition to the Lensbaby system that is considered to be more user-friendly than earlier products. The device has been tested using the Composer Pro using the EOS 7D from Canon.

The 80 millimeter Lensbaby Edge 80 features a twelve-bladed aperture similar to that of the Sweet 35 that includes a distinctive aperture ring which features a pull-out extension tube that can be used to focus better. The device also comes with an enhanced insertion and removal system.

Some observers have indicated that the Lensbaby Edge 80 is the most user-friendly product from the company.

Despite its reasonable price and compact design, the Lensbaby Edge 80 offers adequate sharpness and the tilt provides an in-focus band image instead of a rounded depth-of-field image. Only manual focus is supported by Lensbaby.

The Lensbaby Edge 80 is compatible with the Composer, the Lensbaby Composer Pro, Scout, Muse and the Control Freak lens body.

The front thread is at 46 millimeters and can be used with macro converters. F-stops are between F2.8 up to F22. The device features five elements in four groups.

The closest focus that the Lensbaby Edge 80 can have is around seventeen inches. A number of observers have indicated that latest Lensbaby product is an excellent choice for mid-range focal-length shooters.

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