Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LG Aims to Offer Next Android Device

Jelly Bean Android

Reports have given indications that LG is discussing with Google the possibility of offering the next Nexus device for this year.

The Nexus brand is used for the introduction of the latest versions of the Android OS of Google. The original Nexus, the Nexus One, was produced by HTC. The Nexus S, which was produced two years ago, introduced the Gingerbread Android OS while the most recent Galaxy Nexus that was produced by Samsung came with the Android 4.0 OS.

The first Android OS designed for tablets, the Honeycomb Android, was introduced into the market through the Motorola Xoom tablets.

It appears that LG is interested in producing the next version of the Nexus device as indicated in recent reports. According to the head of the smartphone division of LG, Ramchan Woo, the company is currently discussing with Google in connection to offering the next Nexus device.

The next version of the Android OS is dubbed as the Jelly Bean Android and reports have indicated that it will likely be compatible with the Windows 8 OS. If LG is able to persuade Google in offering the next Nexus device, it will have a good opportunity of becoming solid player in the Android market.

It remains uncertain for the moment since no commitments were made yet in connection to the bid of LG in producing the next Nexus device. At present, LG has yet to offer a blockbuster device in the smartphone market and it has only adopted the Android OS a little later compared to its competitors and with the next Nexus device, the company may be able to help increase its share of the market.

The company is set to unveil new devices during the upcoming Mobile World Congress and it flagship brand is currently the Optimus smartphones. Industry watchers have indicated that if LG will be able to persuade Google to allow them to offer the next Nexus device, it may be dubbed as the LG Optimus Nexus.

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