Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nikon Announces 36MP DSLR, the Nikon D800

Nikon D800

Following the announcement of the full-frame flagship DSLR of Nikon, the D4, the company has revealed another full-frame camera, the D800.

The upcoming camera may have some similarities as the D4, but it also has some significant differences including the smaller design and the absence of Ethernet connectivity. The D800 also features a 36MP CMOS image sensor that is more than a twice the resolution of the D4, which only has a 16MP resolution.

A number of the features on the D4 are also found on the D800 including the HDMI video output that is uncompressed and the RGB Matrix 3 meter that has 91,000 pixels. The camera is also capable of recoding QuickTime videos and the image sensor has the capability of supporting ISO 100 up to ISO6400 although it can even reach to around ISO 25600 that can be used during an rather lowlight situation.

The D4 and the D800 both utilize a 51-point autofocus system which can be used on lenses that have an aperture of f/8 and during low lighting situations. However the D800 comes with a pair of memory cards slots. The first is for the Compact Flash Card while the second support SXC.

The F-mount DX and FX lenses of Nikon are compatible with the D800. The crop mode is used by the camera each time DX lenses are used giving users 15.4MP images but would allow it to capture five frames per second compared to the FX mode which offers four frames per second.

Another variant of the D800 will also be offered by Nikon, the D800E, which removes low-pass filters and enhances of the capability of the camera in recording fine details in the images. However there is a possibility that moiré patterns may be formed particularly if it is used in photographing some types of fabrics. The sharp capture capabilities will also appeal to landscape photographers.

The Nikon D800 is expected to be released by March a price tag of $3,000 while the D800E will e released by April with a price tag of $3,300.

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