Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reports Point To iPad 4G

With the anticipated release of the Apple iPad 3 this coming March, recent reports have given indications that this upcoming tablet offering of Apple will have a version that will feature support for 4G LTE networks, the iPad 4G

Basing on reports, this supposed iPad 4G will be offered by Verizon along with AT&T and will offer support for 4G LTE networks. For the moment it remains unclear if the device will be offered by other service providers including T-Mobile and Sprint.

Even prior to the release of the existing iPad, speculations have already emerged on the possibility that the device may feature support for 4G LTE networks. With the current reports on the possible released of a supposed iPad 4G, some service providers are aiming to take advantage of this potential feature.

The iPad 4G will reportedly feature a faster performance compared to the existing version of the device.

At present, only Verizon and AT&T are offering 4G LTE services among all US-based service providers. Basing on the reports, the possible release of the supposed iPad 4G may prompt these service providers to attract more subscribers into their respective networks while existing customers may opt to upgrade their current plans.

There are some expectations that the demand for faster service will be encouraged by the higher speeds that these devices, such as the supposed iPhone 4G, will offer to users.

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