Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something Amiss with the Clubvan Concept Vehicle

Clubvan Concept Vehicle(Image Credit:  

Even as the Clubvan concept of Mini was announced prior to the Geneva auto show, it appears that there was something amiss. Apparently for some observers, the Clubvan concept looks like the Clubman that was converted into a panel van.

Sometime in the past designers at Mini would take out their crazy hats and change their standard models into new concept products for automobile shows. The Rockman concept was one of these where the standard Cooper was given some bizarre-looking hinged doors while the back saw a glass bubble added into it.

However it appears that this may not be the same case when the Geneva auto event will open in the coming month. The Clubvan concept was reportedly based on the Clubman model of Mini. But it does not have the same get-up-and-go attitude that was seen in previous concept vehicles of the company. In short, some observers feel that the Clubvan concept vehicle may be somewhat ho-hum.

The reported Clubvan concept vehicle basically looks like a panel van. The rear side windows were covered up by Mini while the logo of the company was added along the side of the vehicle. Following these supposed modifications to produce the Clubvan concept vehicle, nothing much has happened.

According to the press release of Mini, the Clubvan would offer an excellent option for a delivery truck for boutique stores in the city. However it appears that even as a number of windows were covered, it will remain the same size as the Clubman. The Clubvan concept vehicle will likely not function in the way it was supposed to be used according to the press release of the company.

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