Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sony PlayStation Vita Released to Early Adopters

Sony PlayStation Vita

Although the official launch of the Sony PlayStation Vita is set on February 22, it appears that consumers who already paid for the $350 first edition bundle of the game console may have already received the device.

The US market is supposed to officially see the Sony PlayStation Vita on February 22 but gaming enthusiasts who want to get the device can reportedly purchase it already through the first edition bundle.

This first edition bundle reportedly comes with the 3G Sony PlayStation Vita, 4GB memory card, case for the game console, and the Little Deviants game. The bundle was delivered to consumers who pre-ordered the bundle although gaming enthusiast will be able to get the game console before the coming week if they purchase it as soon as possible.

However gaming enthusiasts who will get the Sony PlayStation Vita before the official US launch date will have to shell out more as the first edition bundle will cost around $350. On the other hand the 3G bundle of the device will be sold at around $300 when it is purchased after the device is officially launched.

The Wi-Fi version of the Sony PlayStation Vita reportedly cost around $250. Japan was the first market to see the release of this mobile game console in the later part of last year. The game console features a five-inch OLED touchscreen display along with a pair of thumb sticks.

Games for the Sony PlayStation Vita can be purchased online or through brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Observers had earlier given the Sony PlayStation Vita an excellent rating for the visuals although the battery life was reportedly lacking.  The mobile game console also relied too much on a separate memory card.