Friday, February 24, 2012

Ultrabook Prices May Go Down Due to Hybrid Disk Drives


Reports have hinted at a possible reduction in the price of upcoming devices due to the introduction of hybrid disk drives. The report revealed that the prices of low-end ultrabooks will likely go down to around $600 if they will come with these hybrid disk drives.

The hybrid disk drives combine solid state drive, which feature smaller storage capacities, with a conventional hard disk drive. The hybrid disk drives are priced at less than fifty percent compared to devices that only have solid-state drives.

Due to this PC manufacturers will choose to utilize hybrid drives for low-end models of their device offerings including the low-end ultrabooks

Current prices of ultrabooks start at around $800 including the Portege Z835 of Toshiba, which has a price tag of around $800. The Toshiba ultrabook does not utilize a hybrid disk drive but comes with a 128GB SSD.

Ultrabooks that will come with these hybrid disk drives will be priced at around $600 to $700 according to the source of the reports. It should also be noted that the same sources have revealed that the price of the Ivy Bridge chip of Intel will also be reduced by the company by around $70.

Even as Intel has not given any statement in connection to the price tag of the Ivy Bridge chip, reports have revealed that a source from Intel has hinted that the report on the possible reduction in the price of the processors was not accurate.

The Ivy Bridge processors are expected to be released by spring and may be used on ultrabooks that will feature the Windows 8 OS.

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