Friday, February 24, 2012

A View of the Future in the D-Can Concept Camera

D-Can Concept Camera

A concept camera was recently unveiled that may give a different outlook on what cameras may be in the future. The D-Can is a concept camera that comes with zoom capabilities and looks like a spotting scope that is used in the military.

Jean-Michel Bonnemoy, the designer of the D-Can concept camera, thinks that it may be necessary to update the current design of cameras by using a cylindrical form factor to improve ergonomics. The D-Can concept camera of Bonnemoy does not utilize the conventional designs of camera although it appears to be similar to that of the Lytro camera to some extent.

The ISO range of the D-Can concept camera is from 100 up to 6400. The device also features a long zoom lens that comes with image stabilization. The lens cap of the camera is utilized as the electronic flash.

Users of the D-Can concept camera have the option of using the Live View feature of the camera through the HD LCD display or the hooded magnifier in framing their compositions while taking pictures. The integrated trackball of the concept camera also enhances the autofocus function of the device.

The D-Can concept camera can also be connected to a microphone, audio head set or external power supply through the external ports that are integrated into the device. Storage may not be much of a problem since photography enthusiasts will not have to deal with the problem of storing the lens and body into separate cases and simply place the D-Can concept camera inside an appropriately sized lens case.

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