Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WebOS Open-Source Release Prepared by HP

Recent reports show that Hewlett-Packard announced that the company aims to make the code for the webOS available by within this year through the Apache License 2.0

This license will give developers the capability of combining their personal creations with the open-source code before making their products available for sale using the code.

Palm developer the webOS for smartphones and tablet PCs. In 2010, Palm was acquired by HP before the announcement last year which revealed that the company was not going to create products using this OS. This followed the not-so-impressive sales of the HP TouchPad when it was initially released into the market.

HP later announced that the webOS will be made available to the open-source community.

Basing on the timeline that HP released for the availability of the webOS, the Enyo 2.0 will be the first to be made available with its source code. Developers will be able to create apps using Enyp. These apps will be available for the different types of devices using webOS.

Enyo 2.0 was released in the later part of January. This open-source software provides support to different mobile OS. This will facilitate the creation of apps that will be usable in devices using the webOS, Android OS, and tehiOS.

By August, the entire open webOS beta will be published while Version 1.0 will be released by September.

The release of the webOS as an open-source software was compared to the release of the Symbian which took nearly two years. By this time, the iOS and Android OS were already becoming popular which resulted to its gradual disappearance from the market.

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