Friday, March 30, 2012

Buying and Contributing With ModMyPi Raspberry Pi Casing

Raspberry Pi
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The Model B of the Raspberry Pi recently became available in the market although a number of consumers appear to be waiting for the latest stocks to be produced and shipped. While waiting for the release of the new stocks of the Model B of the Raspberry Pi, consumers can look for a way in putting together a case for the product.

The Raspberry Pi does not come with a case although it has no problem when it is being used. However the internal components of the device can be protected if it will be placed inside a case.

Marco Alici, a hobbyist designer, was able to create a case design for the device although there is supposedly another case that is already scheduled for release and comes with an enticement to purchase it.

The latest case for the Raspberry Pi is produced by MOdMyPi, which features a split design and will have five color options, blue, black, red, white and green. Buyers of this case for the product will not only have a choice of mixing up the colors which will allow users to have a two-color casing for the Raspberry Pi.

The price tag of the ModMyPi casing is at $12.70 for the white and black color options and is scheduled to be available by April 5. The other color options will require another $3.15. International shipping will also be added to the total cost of the casing which would give it a total price tag of $18.99.

However it appears that buyers of the ModMyPi casing will also help the Raspberry Pi Foundation since five percent of the profits of the company from the sales of the Raspberry Pi casing will be donated to the foundation. This will give the charity another source of funding depending on the popularity of the casing.

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