Monday, March 12, 2012

Delays Hit HTC One X Production

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One of the latest smartphone offerings of HTC, the HTC One X is set to be included in the lineup of AT&T. The smartphone will reportedly have the capability of using the 4G LTE network of the mobile service provider.

Sad to say, it appears that the HTC One X will not feature the quad-core Tegra 3 processor of Nvidia. In its place, the Snapdragon S4 processor from Qualcomm will be used.

However it appears that the use of the Qualcomm processor may result to some problems in the inventory of the HTC One X. Qualcomm has reportedly stop the production of the Snapdragon S4  processor nearly a month ago since the company is set to modify its manufacturing process. This will result to delays in the delivery of not only the HTC One X but the HTC One S as well.

For the moment it remains uncertain when production will start again however recent reports have pointed to an increase of the supply back to its previous levels near the end of the current month. This will cause delays in the production of the HTC One X and the end result may be a possible April release of the device may also be postponed.

For the moment industry watchers are still waiting for reports in connection to the production of the HTC One X.

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