Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Android Tablet May Be Released by May

Google Android Tablet
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A seven-inch Android-powered tablet is reportedly in the pipeline for Google that is set to go up against the Amazon Kindle Fire. This upcoming Google Android tablet shows that the internet search giant is aiming to compete with the popular tablet offering of the retail giant.

Although the Amazon Kindle Fire uses the Android OS of Google, which a number of modifications, Google is reportedly collaborating with Asus in creating its own seven-inch Google Android tablet.

The upcoming Google Android tablet will reportedly have a price tag of around $199 up to $249 and may be released into the market by May.

Google had earlier partnered with Samsung for its Nexus smartphones, which was released into the market earlier. Following the release of its smartphone, the internet search giant also looked for a partner in the production of the Google Android tablet.

Previous reports revealed that HTC was not quite interested in offering a low-cost device and wanted to control much of the development of the Google Android tablet. On the other hand Acer lacked the capability of developing the device that fit the needs of Google.

The quality of the products of Asus and its production capacity made it a practical choice for the internet search company. Asus also wanted to make its mark in the tablet market in the United States. The upcoming Google Android tablet is also set to come with the latest Google Play Store although little details were revealed in connection to the device.

While the Google Android tablet awaits its entry into the market, reports have also emerged that Apple will also offer an iPad that will go up against the Amazon Kindle Fire. If these reports are true, Google will have another competitor in the niche that is currently dominated by the tablet offering of Amazon.

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