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How Will The Next Amazon Kindle Fire Be Promoted?

Amazon Kindle Fire
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A ten-inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire may be in the works if latest reports are to be believed. Even as the exact sales figures are not available, the Amazon Kindle Fire appears to be the best competition to the iPad of Apple so far.

With sales reaching a couple of millions, the Amazon Kindle Fire is the best-selling tablet that does not use the iOS of Apple. Despite using an Android OS, the tablet offering of Amazon gets its promotion and support from the Amazon ecosystem instead of the Android.

In fact a number of observers do not consider the Amazon Kindle Fire an Android tablet and simply an Amazon product. Due to this, some are speculating on what the next version of the device will offer into the market. Some have hinted at a more business-focused tablet.

Earlier reports have suggested that a ten-inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire is under development, which would put it in direct competition with the Apple iPad and other Android-powered tablet. Entering this segment in the market will result to more competition for the upcoming version of the device.

The success of the Amazon Kindle Fire was primarily due to the $199 price of the device, which targets buyers who may have developed some interest in tablet devices and would not want to spend too much for the device. The price tag of the Amazon Kindle Fire shows the retail-savvy of the company.

Some observers have also indicated that the possible ten-inch Amazon Kindle Fire may not be priced at under $200 without affecting the present market of the device. With a price higher than the price tag of the current Amazon Kindle Fire would not make it too appealing to impulse buyers, who may have a hand in the string sales of the original device.

It will be necessary for more enticements to be given by Amazon in order to encourage consumers to purchase the ten-inch Amazon Kindle Fire, which may affect the sales of the current version of the device. It would not be a good idea for Amazon to have its own products competing against each other, making it quite difficult to market the next version of the tablet.

However with a company such as Amazon, it may have something in mind in order for the company to promote the current version and the upcoming ten-inch Amazon Kindle Fire. It would boil down to the promotion for the two devices with one being promoted as an e-reader while the other can be promoted as a video device that also functions as an e-reader.

This will remain uncertain until the supposed ten-inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire is finally launched into the market by Amazon.

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