Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is the LG Optimus L5 Worth A Second Look?

LG Optimus L5
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For gadget enthusiasts who may wish to get an affordable mid-range, Android-powered smartphone, the LG Optimus L5 may be one of the options. However it appears that some observers are not too keen in acquiring this upcoming smartphone offering of LG.

The LG Optimus L5 will feature the Android 4.0 OS or what is more popularly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS. It will reportedly be reasonably-priced although its low price may not automatically mean that it will be good enough for consumers who are looking for a good buy.

One of the things that may frustrate gadget watchers with the LG Optimus L5 is the custom user interface which reportedly takes away part of the Android 4.0 user experience. In fact some industry watchers have revealed that the custom UI on the LG Optimus L5 will function more of a Gingerbread Android smartphone rather than an Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone.

The LG Optimus L5 features a button that launches a number of settings for the launcher along with themes instead of the Recent Apps button. This is one thing that has frustrated a number of observers with LG smartphones that come with the Android 4.0 OS.

A number of needless effects are also added into the custom UI of the LG Optimus L5 including an opening transition that is described as ‘hideous’ by some observers. Although it may also be possible for this custom UI to be a beta for a prototype device, its physical home button is reported similar to the ones found on Samsung handsets.

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