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Nikon D800 Tops Recent Image Sensor Test

Nikon D800
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A recent sensor test evaluated the latest high-end DSLRs that were introduced by the biggest digital camera manufacturers in the world. Basing on the image sensor test conducted by DxO Labs, the Nikon D800 has outclassed some of its competitors in the market.

The latest 36MP high-end DSLR from Nikon scored 95 in the sensor test of DxO Lab. The test evaluated a number of sensor attributes whenever the Nikon D800 is used in shooting raw images and the sensor of the Nikon D800 reportedly has “no weak points”

Three features were reflected by the score achieved by the recently unveiled Nikon D800, the color depth, low-light performance, and dynamic range.

The color depth measures the accuracy and vividness of the color. Low-light performance evaluates the capability of the camera sensor in capturing images under dim light with little image noise while dynamic range is the range between the full complete white and full black of the image.

For the moment the inventory of the Nikon D800 is still short and it may take some time before the supply will be able to equal the demand for the DSLR. The score is shows the quality of the image when it is converted into an 8MP image. The resolution of a camera can overcome image noise when the image is viewed in a particular size.

However zooming into the image will show a different story and photography enthusiasts who would want to look into the performance of the Nikon D800 can look into the pixel-by-pixel image based on the scores given by DxOMark.

The dynamic range of the Nikon D800 topped the test for dynamic range as it spanned 14.4 exposure values. Each step up will increase the amount of light by twofold.

The color depth of the Nikon D800 was also the best among dull-frame DSLRs or cameras with a sensor size of the 35mm of the old film camera. The medium-format image sensors were the only models to outperform the upcoming Nikon DSLR although these models were much more expensive compared to that of the Nikon D800.

However the Nikon D800 finished third in low-light photography due to the high megapixel number which results to smaller individual pixels. The Nikon D4 SLR is the top the low-light performance test since it has a smaller number of pixels, which were also larger.

The performance of a camera is based on its sensor although this is only one factor that will determine whether a camera is a good buy or not. The Nikon D800 is far much better compared to the Nikon D700 and is considered similar to that of the Nikon D4, which is designed for use among photojournalists due to its better durability and low-light performance.

 However despite the result, it is still uncertain if the Nikon D800 will outperform the Canon 5D Mark III. Until an evaluation is made, it will remain uncertain.

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