Saturday, March 31, 2012

Patent Filing Shows Possible HTC Media Player

HTC Media Player
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It seems that HTC may be preparing its own personal media player that may compete with the iPod Touch of Apple. This reported HTC media player was revealed through a patent design that was uncovered recently by Patent Bolt, which also gave some of the details of the device.

The patent design for the purported HTC media player was applied for by the company in 2011 and it may feature a design similar to the latest smartphones being offered by the company.

Speakers are found along the bottom and top portions of the HTC media player which would give indications of a possible stereo sound feature. Another speaker is also located at the back of the device along with the typical kickstand of HTC and a camera.

The design also shows a micro-HDMI or a micro-USB port on the HTC media player and it may also feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack to link the device with a speaker set or docks.

Although the design of the HTC media player shows the appearance of an HTC smartphone, there were no indications of GSM, 3G or even LTE connectivity according to Patent Bold. This also hints at the possibility that this supposed HTC media player may feature Wi-Fi connectivity which is similar to the Galaxy Player of Samsung.

The reported HTC media player did not come as a surprise to some industry watchers since HTC has invested a good amount on the Beats technology. The upcoming offering of the device will allow the company to start making its own niche in another market.

The supposed HTC media player may benefit from the recent rebranding of the Google Android Market into Google Play since it is expected to have a number of new Google apps and games.

Aside from the increasing number of apps and games on Google Play, HTC may also create its own collection that may be used on the reported HTC media player.

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