Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Possible Fall Release for Android 5.0 Hinted by Google Executive

Android 5.0

Some industry watchers are expecting the first smartphones to feature the Android 5.0 OS to be launch by summer.

However, according to the mobile engineering VP of Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the next version of the Android OS may be released sometime in fall. This was revealed during the recent Mobile World Congress as Lockheimer indicated that the company has not made any announcements on the release schedule of the Android 5.0 as of the moment.

Lockheimer further indicated that the company aims to maintain a one year interval between the releases of its Android OS, which some observers have indicated will suggest a fall release of the Android 5.0 OS since the present version was unveiled only last November.

But Lockheimer also added that the company is also flexible and the schedule is not the main stimulus of the company but innovation and providing a notable user experience.

Despite reports that hinted at the Jelly Bean name for the Android 5.0, no official statements were issued by Google in connection to the name of the latest version of the OS. Previous versions followed the alphabet starting with Cup Cake for the Android 1.5, Donut for the 2.0, Éclair for the 2.1, Froyo for the 2.2, Gingerbread for the 2.3, Honeycomb for the 3.0 and the present Ice Cream Sandwich for the 4.0. Due to this, some suggestions were made for the Android 5.0 to be named after sweets that start with the letter J.

The current version of the Android OS is currently receiving positive feedback from users and app developers as shown during the MWC where a good number of visitors were interested in Android 4.0 apps.

Lockheimer has also remained mum on the possible features that the Android 5.0 will offer to Android devices although he revealed that the company aims to make things simpler and powerful at the same time. With this, Google aims to appeal to both newbies and advanced users of the Android OS.

Recent reports have also speculated at the possibility that the successor to the Asus Transformer Prime will be the first tablet to come with the Android 5.0 OS although this remained unconfirmed. The first smartphone that will feature the Android 5.0 will be a Nexus phone although the manufacturer remains uncertain.

In the end, consumers will have to wait for the official announcement from Google and its partners in connection to the release of the Android 5.0 OS.

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