Sunday, March 11, 2012

Retina Display on New iPad 3 Result To Updates on iBooks an iTunes U

iTunes U
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With the recent introduction of the new iPad 3 of Apple, the iTunes University apps and iBooks apps of Apple were also updated to fully optimize the HD display of the new iPad 3.

The update for the iTunes U and the iBooks was made by the company recently and it is aimed at users who wish to purchase the new iPad 3.The iBooks version 2.1 will offer sharper text when the retina display screen  of the new iPad 3 is used in viewing them.

Although the sharper text was demonstrated by Philip Schiller of Apple during the event last Wednesday, some industry watchers are still waiting for their own new iPad 3 devices before they will make their judgment.

For users of the older models of the iPad, the new iBook also offers some new features including the capability of highlighting text by swiping a finger on the text to be highlighted and selecting the highlight option. The highlight option comes with the typical options including Copy, Note, Define and Search.

Entering a number of the search field on iBooks will also allow users to go to a particular page on iBooks and some titles have the same pages as the printed copy of the title.

Content will also be display in higher resolutions when iTunes U 1.1 is used on the new iPad 3 although this is the only significant modification that users can expect with the iTunes U for the new iPad 3. There may also be some minor enhancements in the performance of the iTunes U 1.1 when it is used on the new iPad 3.

These are some enhancements that users can expect for the iTunes U and the iBooks apps once they get their hands on the new iPad 3, which is set to become available in the market by March 16.

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