Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apple Shares May Reach $1000 According To Analyst

Apple, Inc.

A recent pronouncement by an analyst suggests that Apple shares may hit the $1000 level in the future. According to Brian White, an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets, the shares of Apple may reach $1,001. This is the first time an analyst from Wall Street has made this target price for Apple shares.

A number of industry watchers have doubted this projection, which is reportedly linked to all the good news that emerged in connection to the company. However it should also be noted that Apple shares have surpassed a number of price levels in a rather short time.

Apple shares have surpassed the $400 level, the $500 level and recently the $600 level in less than six months. This comes despite some pronouncements that a reversal may be on its way.

The steady rise of Apple shares started last summer as interest for a number of Apple products started to increase. The new iPad is the latest Apple product to have attracted the attention of consumers and after its release into the market, the iPhone 5 has started to hug the headlines despite the fact that Apple has yet to make an announcement about this upcoming device.

It is also possible the increasing value of Apple shares may eventually cool off, but this may not happen until the upcoming product cycles of Apple are sold off.

With the increasing number of products and the connection that consumers have for the company, Apple will continue to attract the attention of consumers and investors alike. And it appears that the end may not come soon.

Apple will continue to grow in the coming months if not years as it continues to increase its portfolio that has appealed to a good number of consumers. 

Apple shares closed last Monday, April 2 at $618.63, which is an increase of $19.08 or around 3.18 percent.

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