Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Contour+ HD: Latest Innovative HD Camera

Contour+ HD
Contour+ HD
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A new HD camera is being offered by Contour that offers a number of new features that may set it apart from other cameras in the market to date. The Contour+ HD offers a number of notable features that allows the device to make it distinct from other devices in the market.

The Contour+ HD appears slim with its 3.8-inch frame while its wide angle f/2.8 lens offers a rather extensive 170 degree-view. The camera also comes with a number of mounts that users can make use of to allow them to attach it into a helmet, goggles, bikes, cars and even a surfboard.

The Contour+ HD also has a number of HD recording modes including 720p, 960p and 1080p. The camera also features an external microphone jack and an HDMI output jack.

The Contour+ HD also features a two-inch slider along its top which serves as the record button. This makes it unnecessary to press a button to record and is considered as the best feature for the Contour+ HD. This feature also facilitates recording using this innovative camera.

The Contour+ HD also features Bluetooth connectivity and is capable of connecting to an Android-powered or iOS-powered device with the appropriate application installed into the devices. The Contour+ HD also features GPS tracking, which is activated once the camera is turned on by the users.

Although this camera from Contour comes with a 2GB microSD memory card, it is possible for users to upgrade it to a 32GB microSD memory card. The battery life of the camera is reportedly at two hours while spare batteries are available at $25.

The Contour+ HD with all of its innovative features has a price tag of around $500.

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