Sunday, April 15, 2012

Designer Claims Mystery Apple Product Will Be Released Within The Year

Mystery Apple Product
Mystery Apple Product

A French designer recently claimed that Apple is set to release a revolutionary product that he was supposedly been working on. Philippe Starck, a noted French designer, revealed that the supposed mystery Apple product will be unveiled in eight months time.

Starck made the revelation during a discussion with Le Figaro, a French newspaper. He revealed that he was collaborating with the company to develop a new mystery Apple product which will be unveiled at the year. No specific details were revealed by Starck in connection to the supposed mystery Apple product due to the obsession of the company for secrecy when it comes to its future product offerings.

However Starck indicated that he had monthly meetings with the late Steve Jobs in California for seven years. He also indicated that he has continued to go to California to meet with Laurene Powell, the widow of Jobs.

Although some speculations have pointed to the Apple television as the supposed mystery Apple product that Starck may be working on, some observers have hinted that the French designer may be working on a remote control for the Apple television. Starck and his team reportedly have the expertise to design this type of device which may be the mystery Apple product that he was referring to.

However the iPhone 5 is also set to be released around the same time that Starck has pointed to the possible launch of the mystery Apple product. The modifications on the iPhone may be considered revolutionary as it faces stiff competition from a number of Android-powered devices in the market.

Starck is popular for a diverse range of products that show elegance coupled with simplicity. This particular style is compatible with the approach of Apple with its product offerings. Starck has already used his talent and skills to design tech products including external hard drives, speakers and headphones.

For the moment the mystery Apple product will remain mere speculation until concrete details are revealed by the company. However it is not likely for a designer of Starck’s stature to make claims that have nothing to back it up, so it will be a wait-and-see situation once again until the supposed mystery Apple product finally enters the market.

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