Monday, April 30, 2012

Ikea Cardboard Digital Camera Unveiled

Ikea Cardboard Digital Camera
Ikea Cardboard Digital Camera
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It appears that Ikea is set to offer its own reasonably-priced camera in the market and the camera is reportedly made out of cardboard. The furniture manufacturer from Sweden has included the Ikea cardboard digital camera in the press kits given to the participants of the Fuorisalone design expo that was held in Milan.

It would be a problem for the company to get the materials it would need to for the Ikea cardboard digital camera.

The reported Ikea cardboard digital camera will supposedly allow users to shoot forty pictures and it is powered using a pair of AA batteries. The disposable device will also come with a small integrated USB port.

Users can use a cutout on the Ikea cardboard digital camera as the viewfinder while the black button located in front of the device will serve as the power button of the device. When the camera will be ready for use, a green light will be seen near the viewfinder.

It is also possible to delete photos on the Ikea cardboard digital camera by using a paper clip on the reset button. The device was given the Knappa by Ikea. According to reports, the Ikea cardboard digital camera is set to be released into the market soon although it remains uncertain whether it will see an international release.

The Ikea cardboard digital camera will reportedly be given by the company to clients who acquire the environment-friendly line of furniture. A video trailer emerged last month that gives potential users how to use this rather unique digital camera.

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