Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Plans For MacBook/iPad Hybrid - Tim Cook


The recent earnings call of Apple saw Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, denying that the company was planning on producing a MacBook/iPad hybrid device.

According to Cook, convergence is possible for anything although it may result to some tradeoffs that may not be acceptable to the consumers. The question on the MacBook/iPad hybrid came up during the second quarter earnings call of Apple was raised by an analyst who inquired about the Windows 8 of Microsoft.

The dismissal by Cook on the supposed MacBook/iPad hybrid comes following the report that sales of iOS devices nearly reached 47 million units for the second fiscal quarter. In comparison Mac sales did not reach the expectations of analysts from Wall Street as it sold only around four million units.

The iPad and MacBook do not use the same platform and Apple does not plan to combine the two devices to product a MacBook/iPad hybrid.

The statements of Cook dismissing a MacBook/iPad hybrid come as the release preview for the Windows 8 is set to be unveiled near the start of June. The Windows 8 OS combines a touchscreen interface with the conventional Windows OS and is going to be called “Metro”.

Cook already dismissed any plans of combining touchscreen functionality into a MacBook in a February interview with the Wall Street Journal.

In dismissing any possibility of a MacBook/iPad hybrid, Cook indicated that previous efforts were made in combining such functions on desktops but no progress were made in such developments.

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