Sunday, April 8, 2012

Option To Watch 3D YouTube Videos Added by YouTube

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YouTube recently announced that all short-form YouTube videos that were uploaded in 1080p will be converted to 3D as it expands this beta 3D YouTube Videos feature that was launched a year ago.

According to YouTube, users can choose the 3D viewing option on the Quality settings of the YouTube player to view 3D YouTube Videos. This will allow users to view the 3D YouTube Videos using a pair of 3D glasses.  All users have to do is to click on the gear icon found on the video which will give them two video options, in 720p or in 360p.

The 3D YouTube Videos beta feature was launched by the company last September which would convert videos automatically into 3D once they are uploaded into the website. The recent update also took out the fifteen-minute limit for the trusted users of the website. This limit was implemented following the appearance of a number of pirated movies on the website although the fifteen minute limit is not implemented for trusted users.

The issue on piracy came out following the revival of the copyright-infringement lawsuit filed by Viacom in connection to clips that were copied illegally and were uploaded prior to 2007.

Stereoscopic 3D makes it necessary for the right and left eye to view slightly different images which are combined by the brain to create the impression of seeing a three-dimensional object and create the 3D YouTube videos. Each time an original two-dimensional video is uploaded on the website, a depth map is created by Google as it searches for a number of video characteristics including motion, color and spatial layout that are based on previously uploaded 3D videos in order to create the 3D YouTube videos. The depth map is necessary to create the second image that is necessary for the 3D YouTube videos.

The cloud computing infrastructure of Google was used by Google in order to use the conversion process to create 3D YouTube videos from previously uploaded two-dimensional videos.

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