Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stock Price of Apple Projected to Reach $1,111

Stock Price of Apple

The stock price of Apple is currently above the $600 level although an analyst has hinted that this will increase by nearly two-fold in the coming year.

A note to investors from Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White saw an updated version of his earlier projection on the stock price of Apple. The initialprojection put Apple stock prices to reach $1,001, which White indicates is a conservative estimate in the recent note.

He revealed that the increase in the stock price of Apple was inhibited by some negative feelings in the past few weeks. However this will be replaced with concerns of being left behind in the increase in stock prices that is projected to reach around $1,111 in the coming year.

According to White the increase in the stock price of Apple, which is currently at $603, will be spurred by the upcoming iPhone 5, the rumored Apple TV and smaller iPad, and the deal between Apple and China Mobile. China Mobile is the biggest mobile operator based in China. These factors will provide the momentum in the increase of the stock price of Apple in the coming year.

However it remains uncertain if the iPhone 5 will indeed become a revolutionary device while the other factors remain uncertain for the moment.

The stock price of Apple has increased recently following the release of the second quarter earnings of the company. The increase was beyond the earlier estimates at Wall Street. An increase of $49.72 was seen following the release of the report although it went down by $4.70 or 0.77 percent after the market closed on Friday.

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