Monday, April 16, 2012

Ten Million In Ten Days for Instagram

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Following the purchase of Instagram by Facebook for one billion dollars and the addition of the Android version of the app, users have increased from around thirty million to forty million recently.

The availability of Instagram to Android users was unveiled only recently, which allowed a huge number of Android users to finally use the photo-sharing application after a very long wait. This resulted to the addition ten million users for the app within ten days after it was made available to Android users.

Although some users downloaded the photo-sharing application out of curiosity, this only served to further increase the number of users of the app. Gramfeed was the first site to make the number of Instagram users available. Gramfeed is a website focused on the photo-sharing application and it identified the 40,000,000th user as “valentinoelbuti’

With the rate of increase in the Instagram users, some industry watchers have indicated that the number of fancy images from numerous users around the world will also increase. So far so good for an app that was launched less than two years with an initial funding of around $500,000.

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