Friday, April 6, 2012

Ubi-Camera Allows Users To Use Fingers as a Viewfinder

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Framing a camera using fingers is normally done by directors trying to find the best angle for a certain shot. However with the Ubi-Camera it appears that this will not be limited to finding the best angle for a scene in a movie.

The Ubi-Camera will allow users to use their fingers as the viewfinder. The term ‘yubi’ means finger in Japanese and researchers in Japan aim to provide users the capability of finding their shots using their fingers through this gesture-based mini-camera.

The Ubi-Camera was recently unveiled by researchers from the Institue of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences or the IAMAS from the Gifu prefecture. The prototype device is attached to the index finger of the users with the other fingers being used to form a viewfinder for the camera. The shot is taken by pushing a button with their thumbs.

The arms of the user of the Ubi-Camera will act as the zoom for the device, which would control the wideness of the shot that is being taken. The device also has an infra-red rangefinder that will measure the distance of the Ubi-Camera from the face of the user and establish the zoom needed when the image is being processed in a computer.

The image produced by the Ubi-Camera will be the same thing that is seen by the user through his fingers that acted as the viewfinder.

The Ubi-Camera was unveiled earlier during the 2012 Interaction of the Information Processing Society of Japan which was held at Tokyo’s MIralkan museum. The IAMAS researchers aim to make the Ubi-Camera wireless device while enhancing its sensor to allow it to be used in different lighting situations.

Since the Ubi-Camera is compact and lightweight, it may be an attractive option for users who are looking for a more portable camera to carry around with them.

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