Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Going Around on a RYNO Scooter, Japanese Anime Style

RYNO Scooter
RYNO Scooter
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The RYNO scooter is the entry of RYNO Motors in the rather small market segment of self-balancing scooters. The electric single-wheeled scooter of RYNO Motors is a self-balancing vehicle that features a zero turning radius when it is not running.

The RYNO scooter may appeal to Japanese anime fans since the vehicle looks like something that came out of a Japanese anime. This may be viewed positively for Japanese anime fans but for people who are not quite into this type of entertainment may see the RYNO scooter as a toy rather than a personal mobility scooter.

Another feature that the RYNO scooter may be appealing to potential owners is that it basically takes up as much space as a folding bike, which makes it possible for commuters to bring the electric scooter into a train when they want to conserve the battery life of the vehicle.

The fact that it takes up a relatively small space is quite useful if owners would want to use the RYNO scooter somewhere far, far away from where they live is that its maximum range between charges is only twenty miles. It also has a top speed of around 25 miles per hour but it has been limited to around 12.5mph since it is being marketed as a personal mobility scooter. There are some legal limitations when the RYNO scooter is promoted as such.

The RYNO scooter is expected to enter the market by January next year and will have a price tag of around $4,500. Some observers see this more of a luxury rather than a necessity. However it may be a much cooler alternative to a Segway, that is if you are a fan of Japanese anime.

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