Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Google Executive Demonstrates Project Glass Capability During Interview

Project Glass
Project Glass
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An executive from Google who is working on the Project Glass at the Google X Labs demonstrated one use of the Project Glass of Google during a recent interview with broadcast journalist Charlie Rose.

According to Sebastian Thrun, the Project Glass device will allow users to do what they are doing on a smartphone without using their hands too much. Thrun, who sported a prototype of the device, demonstrated how the device can allow users to take images by simply pressing a button and sharing the images via Google Plus through a simple nod.

Project Glass initially emerged during a charity event around two weeks ago after Sergey Brin, the founder of Google, attended the event wearing the device.

The release of a video that showed the perspective of a user using the device caused quite a stir among industry watchers as it demonstrated some of the possible features of the upcoming device offering of Google. The video shows how Project Glass device will provide information to the user and giving the user the capability of searching the net or communicating with friends while walking down the street.

However Thrun indicated that the using augmented reality may not be the best way to use the Project Glass device of Google, it allows users to use tech services without using their hands too much. Thrun, who is an artificial intelligence expert, has also worked on the driverless car project of Google.

A number of experiments were already conducted by Google on Project Glass device which allow users to make phone calls or bring up a calendar of events. The device was even used to read emails to a user. According to Thrun, listening to emails was quite liberating and Project Glass device will likely be something that users will want to use all the time.

During the interview, Thrun appeared relaxed although he was wearing the Project Glass device. He revealed that even though a window accessing the net was on a small screen near the right eye, he was not distracted by it.

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