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Origin EON11-S, Latest Eleven-Inch Gaming Laptop

Origin EON11-S
Origin EON11-S
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A new eleven-inch gaming laptop from Origin is already available for orders even as the Alienware M11x is set to be discontinued by the Dell. The Origin EON11-S is considered as a compact high-performance laptop by the company

An eleven-inch gaming laptop is considered as a niche product by industry watchers with the Alienware M11X of Dell as the only significant entry into this category. However with the upcoming ‘retirement’ of the Dell product, it appears that the Origin EON11-S will find itself as the only serious entry into the group.

Since Origin was established by ex-Alienware employees, it may not be surprising for the company to release the Origin EON11-S to go up against the Alienware M11X. Despite being impractical for serious gamers, the eleven-inch Alienware device was well-liked among industry watchers.

According to Kevin Wasielewski, co-founder and CEO of Origin, the Origin EON11-S is considered as a dream come true for consumers who yearn for a small and light laptop that has a significant battery life and the capability of running the latest games for PC devices. The Origin EON11-S does not make any sacrifices as it reportedly offers a suitable enough user experience for gaming enthusiasts.

The Origin EON11-S features the third generation Core i-series processors of Intel and the GT 650M graphics chip from Nvidia. These features are considered basic components for a suitable gaming laptop. The upcoming device will reportedly have a battery life of around 6.5 hours with GPU being turned off by the Optimus technology of Nvidia whenever it is not needed.

The eleven-inch Origin EON11-S, which weighs around four pounds, will also feature a similar finned-back lid design of the recently updated EON17-S.

The Origin EON11-S is also customizable and carries a base price tag of at least $999.

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