Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reports Hint At Possible Apple TV Prototype

Apple TV
Apple TV
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If recent reports are proven to be accurate it appears that the upcoming Apple TV may feature a large display screen and will integrate both Siri and iSight technologies.

These reports will offer industry watchers an idea on what the Apple TV will be offering into the market. The report was indicated that the anonymous source had seen the prototype of the Apple TV and it appears to be similar to the current LED-backlit Cinema Displays of Apple although it is bigger in size.

The report added that the upcoming Apple TV will integrate an iSight camera that can be used for FaceTime video calls along with the Siri virtual assistant that is currently featured on the iPhone 4S.

Recent reports have hinted that the Apple TV may not be released into the market until 2014 even as earlier reports suggested that Apple was preparing to offer a new product into the television market. A JP Morgan analyst had indicated that Apple may enhance its set-top box before it would release the Apple TV into the market.

However the source of the latest report had indicated that the actual Apple TV that was described by the late Steve Jobs during an interview with biographer Walter Isaacson was spotted recently.

The integration of Siri into the Apple TV had emerged in earlier reports even as the iSight technology was also expected by a number of industry watchers.

The camera that will be integrated into the device will reportedly feature a zoom function as well as facial recognition that will allow it to follow the user who may be moving around the room. The zoom feature will also allow facilitate video calls while the user is sitting on a couch on the other side of the room.

However the accuracy of the report remains uncertain although the source of the latest Apple TV report has supposedly offered accurate information on the prototypes of devices in the past. This comes as Apple has not released any statements in connection to the report.

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